Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri: “I Emotionally And Spiritually Reject Almost Every Lyric I’ve Ever Written”


Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri has had a controversial past, from the outrage caused by his controversial merch line to beefing with other musicians, fighting other musicians, using homophobic slurs and even penning a track titled “Bring A Gun To School, he developed quite the reputation for himself.

While recent years have seen Palmeri express embarassment for his past actions, it would appear that he also isn’t too proud of some of his previous lyrical choices. Speaking recently via his social media, he commented of his earlier lyrical output:

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“Hanging out with someone who only listens to metalcore made [me] realize why regular people with healthy neuroplasticity don’t fuck with that genre of music and gravitate towards pop/rap. Talk about a fucking unnecessary onslaught of bullshit emotions.”

“Trust me when I say; I emotionally and spiritually reject almost every lyric I’ve ever written. It all stems from material pain, a fragile ego, an inability to cope. It’s unfortunate anyone has ever identified with any of what I’ve said in my music. A lot [of] people are/were hurting.”

Emmure;'s Frankie Palmeri's Tweets
Emmure are expected to release a new album this year, reportedly titled “Hindsight“. Given the rumored title and the above tweets, it would seem the record will present a different side of Palmeri than that which early fans were exposed to.

[via Lambgoat]

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