Emmure Frontman Speaks Of Their Controversial Track “Bring A Gun To School”, Drug Abuse & More


Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri has spoken about the controversial song originally titled “Bring A Gun To School” that opens their new album, “Eternal Enemies” (out April 15th). He discussed the track as part of his bands cover story for the latest issue of Revolver (note: select copies of the issue have Pantera gracing the cover).

That song has since been altered to “untitled”—at least for various product listings at iTunes, etc. Palmeri told ‘Revolver‘ of the track:

Bring A Gun To School” is going to rub people the wrong way, but that’s the whole point of the track. I’m definitely trying to piss people off because I feel like my buttons have been pushed a little too much, so I think it’s time to push back.”

He continued:

“I was a kid who got picked on growing up because I was different. I was fat, I wore glasses, had suspenders, and I got fucked with just because I was a little strange. So I identify with people who get pushed over the edge. I don’t think senseless violence is cool. I’m not promoting that. But I’m definitely speaking for people who think, Oh Yeah, you’re gonna fuckin’ bully me? Well watch this—bang! It’s dark and really terrible, but it’s also a very real thing that people need to understand. The human race needs to wake the fuck up and be a little more conscious to the fact that we are all suffering together on this piece of shit planet, and maybe the assholes of the world can do something to make it a little brighter for everyone.”

Palmeri also opened up on his drug abuse and the internal strife that surrounded their 2012 album “Slave To The Game“:

“I had a lot of personal issues going on at the time, so I was doing tons of ecstasy and coke—any kind of white powder I could get in my body to go up, up up. I was spending stupid amounts of money on that shit and it was causing friction in the band. It’s not like I didn’t care, but when you’re flying high on drugs every night, you don’t realize.”

The situation caused a rift between Palmeri and guitarist Jesse Ketive, with Palmeri offering of the “Slave To The Game” sessions:

“I hated all the songs, and I had to write lyrics to them. That was like trying to get water out of a frozen faucet. I told Jesse they all sucked and he started screaming, ‘Fuck you! You’re a piece of shit!’ It almost got violent, we were on complete different planets.”

The initial touring cycle behind that album was no better, as Palmeri remembers:

“Me and Jesse basically hated each other. We were all sick of each other and we had to spend a year playing songs I didn’t give a fuck about. I was at the point where I went, ‘This fucking sucks. Maybe it’s time to find something else to do. We couldn’t stand each other, but there was no way we would walk away from it. We figured, ‘Things are shit, but they could get better.’

Palmeri says he has now curbed his drug use and the pair have since reconciled their differences.

As a side note, some less than positive comments about Palmeri made in this news story by readers of were also printed in the aforementioned article. You can find a cap of that below while the issue itself can be purchased directly at this location. Commenters Make It Into Revolver

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