Kvelertak Premiere “Fanden Ta Dette Hull”


Kvelertak‘s new song “Fanden Ta Dette Hull” has newly seen a release ahead of the band’s impending new album, “Splid“. The latter will be out this Friday, February 14th, via Rise Records. The band issued the following statement regarding this track:

“In Stavanger city museum, there used to be a exhibition in the basement called ‘Crooked Animals and Smiling Skeletons.’ The story behind this name is pretty simple. Most of the skeletons are as old as the museum. They had, after so many years, become crooked and it looked like they were smiling. The first thing you could see was a skeleton of ‘Homo Sapiens’ and it was a real skeleton of a man who grew up in my neighborhood in the 19th century. This guy was buried last year, in 2019. ‘Fanden Ta Dette Hull‘ is the story of his life. And what a life!”

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