Stone Sour

Stone Sour Streaming 1996 Demo Of “Tumult”


Stone Sour have released the original 1996 demo recording of their track “Tumult” below. The song would later go on to appear on the band’s gold-certified 2002 self-titled debut album. Speaking of this early version of it, the band’s guitarist Josh Rand offered:

“When Corey and I finished up recording the Project X demos, we knew that we had to put a band together to be able to play out. First, we asked Danny Spain (who tracked drums on the Project X demo) to join, but was formerly in the band ‘Down The Sun‘, so he was out.

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I suggested Joel to Corey because the two of us had jammed around a little the year prior. Corey made the call and Joel was back behind the drum kit once again. One day Shawn stopped by Corey‘s place and listened to the Project X demos and said “It’s pretty cool.. I guess I’ll play bass.”

The 2nd guitar player spot was offered to Josh Brainard, the original Slipknot guitarist that James replaced. He turned down the offer to focus on his own new project. So the four of us started rehearsing for the first show.

About a week out from the show, James told Shawn he wanted to play with us and he joined the band. We knew we needed a great closing song for the live set, so we went back to the Stone Sour vault and grabbed Tumult. This is the original recording from 1996.”