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Chino Moreno Says Deftones Recorded “An Album’s Worth Of Music” This Past Summer


Deftones vocalist/guitarist Chino Moreno recently spoke with NBC 7 San Diego about the band’s progress on their upcoming ninth studio album. Speaking of the scattered sessions that have take place thus far across the past year or so, Moreno offered:

“We’ve been working on our record for about a year now. We’re not doing that thing where we go in and lock ourselves in a room until it’s done; we are kind of enjoying our time making it. It’s been a cool process, we get together, we work for a couple weeks, whether that’s just making noise and coming up with ideas and then everybody just goes home and comes back to work on ’em a little bit more. So, we’ve been doing that for a little over a year or so.

This summer, we actually went into the studio and recorded an album’s worth of music. So, the music was pretty much done and the last few months have sort of just been working on the lyrics and the melodies and the singing parts. So that’s pretty much where we’re at right now.”

Moreno later continued:

“It’ll definitely be out next year. I’m hoping that it’ll be earlier on in the year, but I feel like once I give a definitive answer or speculate exactly when, I feel like we’ll be held to it [laughs] so I kind of want to continue on.

Of course, it’ll be out next year, hopefully earlier than later. Our biggest thing is making sure that it’s good. We’ll be performing it, once it’s out, for the next two or three years, so we want to be sure it’s the best it can be and want to make everyone happy — including ourselves.”

Moreno further discussed the band’s second annual ‘Dia de los Deftones‘ festival, which took place last night (November 02nd) (they gave their “Eros” track “Smile” a live debut at the show), their latest beer collaboration and his approach to the creative process for songwriting. Regarding the latter, he offered:

“A lot of times when we’re making the songs themselves, I’ll have a rough jumble of words or melodies or whatever, but kind of the way we’ve always been is the music has always been the inspiration for the words.

For me, I’m not a person who keeps a diary or a journal or a book of poetry or things to draw from, I’m just inspired by the sounds that are coming out and sort of just react to those sounds. It’s kind of a mood board in a way. You start piecing it together and that’s just usually the way I’ve always worked. I like to collaborate and be inspired by the people around me, the people I’m making music with.

It is a little bit more time-consuming because we’ve made the one part of the record and now it’s like starting all over again and making the vocal part of it. It’s almost like starting from scratch again and making a whole other record.”

You can find the whole interview at this location.

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