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Leprous Premiere “Distant Bells”


There’s a new Leprous track by the name of “Distant Bells” to be streamed online today. The song comes from the band’s forthcoming album “Pitfalls“, which they will release on October 25th through InsideOutMusic. Bassist Simen Børven commented of this new offering:

“The instrumental part of ‘Distant Bells‘ is a compilation of my musical background. Influences from Nordic Jazz and Symphonic Pop infuses the attempt of stretching an extremely simple idea, from almost nothing, to an explosion towards the ending of the song. To me the composition is like an evolution from a single self-replicating cell into a complex sentient being.”

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Vocalist/synth player Einar Solberg added:

“It was both challenging and very refreshing to work on ‘Distant Bells‘, as the main instrumental idea didn’t come from me. It opened up new doors of creativity within myself and it was very exciting to do the melody and lyrics for this track. It’s a very different Leprous track, and it turned out to be one of my personal favourites. Simen has a different musical background than myself, and our contradictions are probably what made this song shine so bright.”