Korn's Brian "Head" Welch

Brian “Head” Welch Admits He Didn’t Love Korn’s Dubstep Album; Clarifies ‘Solo’ Record Rumors


Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch appears on the latest episode of the ‘BREWtally Speaking Podcast‘ with the focal point of the discussion being his ‘Loud Krazy Love‘ documentary. While that’s a fairly well-covered topic at this point, he also spoke of the next release from his Love And Death project and later went on to admit that he wasn’t the biggest fan of Korn‘s 2011’s EDM/dubstep album, “The Paradigm Shift“.

Discussing how fans old and new have been welcoming the band on their recent touring and how open the group they have been with their audience over the years, Welch replied:

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“We love the old fans, to us, everyone there has probably got some connection from the past to us… Yea Korn went off in the electronic phase, and I didn’t love that, but they did it. When I got back in the band it was like ‘who is Korn?’ I wanna be who Korn is, which was the guys from the beginning, but in a new fresh way cause like you said… I’m so glad Jonathan fell in love with heavy music again, that’s all I gotta say, cause he went through the electronic phase, but I like it all.”

Welch also clarified the rumors of his guest-filled solo album. Rather than a new album under his name, he has confirmed the record will instead be the next release from his Love And Death project. He commented of that:

“It’s gonna be the Love And Death record, I’m just gonna have some guests on there. We’ll see how all ends up. You plan and then you try your best and whatever happens. Some songs might not make it, we’ll see, but it’s 80% done, and yea Breaking Benjamin guitar players [Jasen Rauch] on it.

I was talking to Spencer [Chamberlain] from Underoath, since we’re hanging out with them a lot on this tour, and Lacey Flyleaf. Ben [Burnley] from Breaking Benjamin said he wants to sing on it, but I think getting him to do anything is really hard if it’s not Breaking Benjamin, so we’ll see. It’s just gonna be Love & Death, but just a new thing we’re doing, just collaborations, that’s all. It just sounded fun, so we’re gonna go for it.”

Korn‘s new album “The Nothing” saw a release this past Friday, September 13th.

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