Korn's Jonathan Davis

Korn’s Jonathan Davis Reveals Which Song He’s Most Proud Of Writing


The latest episode of the BBC Radio 1‘s ‘Rock Show With Daniel P Carter‘ has Korn‘s Jonathan Davis guesting and finds him taking part in the recurring ‘Music Ruined My Life’ feature. As part of that, Davis reveals key bands and albums in his life and his musical upbringing. He also spoke on which song he is most proud of writing from not only his career with Korn, but also his solo works as well.

The track he ultimately chose is “Never Never” off of 2013’s “The Paradigm Shift“, saying of it:

“The one I was most proud of is ‘Never Never‘, by Korn. I wrote that song and it was Korn‘s first #1. That was pretty cool. Nobody even realized I never really had a #1 song, ever, and that one was it, so I was really proud of it.”

He later went on to say that while it hitting #1 wasn’t the goal, it still felt good to achieve that accolade. Speaking on why he felt the track was so successful, he offered:

“It was very simple, had a good melody and that’s the key. Humans like to hear stuff they can wrap their head around really quick, and that’s what it was.”

You can hear the whole episode with the rest of his choices and more here.

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