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Underoath’s Chris Dudley On Band’s Next Album: “We’re Always Writing, That’s Just Kind Of Who We Are”


Underoath keyboardist/programmer Chris Dudley recently appeared on the ‘BREWtally Speaking Podcast‘ and spoke of how the band have already been stockpiling new song ideas for their eventual next album. Regarding their progress, he stated:

“Yes, we’re always writing, that’s just kind of who we are. Over recent months we’ve been more intentional about what our music’s going to be going forward. I think this time is a really interesting time for us because going into every record we’re always like we have no clue what this records going to sound like.

It’s funny cause I’ve written a few things and sent them to the guys, but so far most of the stuff I’m writing is super sad bastard emotional music or really odd avant grade like stuff. So it’s super up in the air right now, I really don’t know. Something will happen at some point. We’re big on not doing anything until we’re ready, but the wheels are always turning.”