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Tool’s “Fear Inoculum” Officially Debuts At #1 On The Billboard 200


It’s now been made official: Tool have topped the Billboard 200 with their latest album, “Fear Inoculum“. The album shifted 270,000 units during its first week in the United States, 248,000 of which were album sales. Adding on to the impressive feat, track equivalent album units were under 1,000 while streaming equivalent album units amounted to 21,000 (equal to 27.6 million audio streams of the album’s ten tracks during its first week in the United States.)

The album has thus far only been available digitally and via an elaborate deluxe edition CD release, the latter of which sold out, with a second run on the way.

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Unlike other major entries from the likes of Slipknot, Metallica and many other artists, the band managed to achieve these numbers without the aid of a concert ticket/album sale redemption offer or other now standard marketing tactics.

Billboard report that “Fear Inoculum” is now the biggest rock record to land on the charts since Dave Matthews Band‘s “Come Tomorrow” topped the charts in June of 2018 with 292,000 units. The publication note that sales of that album were boosted by a ticket album/sale redemption promotion however.

Much was made on social media (and the press) about Tool managing to unseat Taylor Swift‘s new album “Lover” from the top of the charts during its second week of release; Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan himself even got in on the fun. As a result of Tool‘s debut, Swift has since shifted to #2 on the latest Billboard 200 with 178,000 units sold during the last week of availability.