Iron Maiden Fan Assault

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Halts Show And Slams Venue After Security Allegedly Assault Fan (Updated)


Update: September 06th, 2019 12:52 PM:

Kiro 7 have since reported that the security staff had received multiple complaints about the fan in question for being “overly aggressive” (TMZ report that the unidentified 26-year-old male was also intoxicated.) When confronted by security personnel on the matter, the fan allegedly threw the first punch, which led to the resulting fracas. Said punch can be seen in the below video.

Tacoma Dome marketing director Tammi Bryant said that the fan in question was arrested by police for investigation on assault on the security guards.

Original Story:

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson took issue with the treatment security guards gave to one of their fans at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA last night, September 05th, during the band’s performance at the venue.

As part of his address to the audience afterwards, Dickinson said that the person in question was allegedly assaulted by ten security guards and suggested that the fan seek legal repercussion, stating that they should “take this building to the fucking cleaners.”

He went on to say that any footage of the alleged assault itself could be submitted to the band, who would help get it to the authorities on behalf of the fan.

In the below fan-filmed footage, an altercation between a fan and a security guard can be seen occurring around 3:10 in. While hard to make out, it appears that a verbal exchange took place first, with a punch being thrown at the security guard by a fan, after which the security guards grouped up to retaliate. Given that the incident was not the initial focus of the video, it’s not exactly clear if there was more to the incident prior.

It would seem that the incident continued to occur throughout the duration of the song with Dickinson at one point bringing an illuminated crucifix over to where the alleged assault took place while seemingly scolding the security staff involved.

Dickinson‘s address to the audience after finishing the song can be heard below:

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