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Korn’s Jonathan Davis On JNCO Jeans “Who Started That?”


While JNCO Jeans became practically synonymous with nü-metal fashion in the late 90s and have been resurrected a few times in the years since, it would seem that the genre’s pioneers Korn aren’t all that fond of them. In a recent interview with KISW, the band’s frontman Jonathan Davis and guitarist Brian “Head” Welch were asked if they still owned any pairs of the ultra-wide baggy pants.

The question was met with a laugh from Welch, while Davis offered: “I never wore JNCOs, I can honestly say I did not partake in it…” Welch went on to ask the interviewer if JNCOs were bell bottoms, leading Davis to reply “they were huge. Who started that?”

While an attempt to bring back the jeans came to a close in 2018, the line was once again brought back this year. Korn‘s new studio album “The Nothing” will be released on September 13th.