Hacktivist Premiere “Dogs Of War” Music Video


Hacktivist have released a video for their brand new single, “Dogs Of War” below. The group commented of the video:

“We wanted to address the fact that war has now become a normalised part of everyday life and how it’s increasingly clear that it’s being conducted in the name of control and profit. The other factor is that, as much as we’re all dogs of war being dragged into one international campaign after another, it’s the armed forces on all sides who are being used and exploited to an even higher degree.”

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According to a press release, co-vocalist J Hurley drew lyrical inspiration in part from “a series of talks by Mark Passio and George Orwell’s themes of ‘double think’ and ‘news speak.'” The group are scheduled to enter the studio next month to record their new album with release details still to come.