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Woman Helps Calm Suicidal Man With Lyrics To Linkin Park Song


The lyrics of Linkin Park‘s “One More Light” appear to have recently stopped a man from potentially taking his own life. A fan of the band, Cristina Settanni, stopped to help a man who was sitting on the side of a bridge in distress and amid her attempts to calm him, recited the lyrics to the aforementioned song, which include:

“If they say
Who cares if one more light goes out?
In a sky of a million stars
It flickers, flickers
Who cares when someone’s time runs out?
If a moment is all we are
We’re quicker, quicker
Who cares if one more light goes out?
Well I do”

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The Orange County Sherriff’s Office released the below video report on the matter, which features an interview with Settanni and body cam footage from the officer who responded to the scene. The story also made its way back to Linkin Park themselves who tweeted the following this afternoon:

Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington took his own life back in 2017 with his family having since championed mental health awareness causes following his death. While originally written in response to the grief a member of the band was feeling after losing a friend to cancer, the song has since become an anti-suicide anthem following Chester‘s passing.

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