Mudvayne's Ryan Martinie

Mudvayne’s Ryan Martinie Speaks On Going Viral Via ‘Brbr Deng’ Meme


Mudvayne/Soften The Glare bassist Ryan Martinie recently spoke with MetalSucks about his reaction to becoming a meme thanks to the ‘brbr-deng’ riff featured in Mudvayne‘s track “Dig“. Speaking of how he found out about a clip of his bass playing from the track racking up hundreds of thousands of views as a meme, he revealed that it was fellow bassist Nick Schendzielos of Job For a Cowboy who first informed him he was going viral. Martinie said of that:

“I don’t think either of us thought a whole ton of it. Then all of a sudden it’s this damn thing that’s running amok on the Internet. I think it’s been really fun for everybody.”

Speaking further on the meme, he offered:

“It’s super awesome that people have had a good time with it and have been able to share something that I actually had nothing to do with. I’m as curious as everyone else as to why and where and how and what. Who made up this onomatopoeia? I guess that’s the first question. ‘Brbr-DENG.’ Who actually came up with that? It’s me! That would’ve been a clever trick! But no, I’m not that kind of magician.”

Martinie also reflects on shooting the video for “Dig“, which the meme has generally pulled its visuals from, and discusses his current endeavors and more. You can read that chat here .

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