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Korn Cover Band Drummer Suffers Stroke Onstage, Finishes Song Before Collapsing


28-year-old Alex Headen of Korn tribute band Korn Again suffered a stroke while onstage playing with the band at the ‘Rockstock Festival‘ late last month. The drummer’s health took a turn for the worse mid-song, as he told the Manchester Evening News that he felt a pain in his shoulder with the left side of his body going numb and a blindness developing in his left eye. While he managed to power through the song, he collapsed as it ended and was rushed to the hospital.

He told the aforementioned publication:

“I didn’t want to stop the song because it was so early in the set. I didn’t want to let the band or crowd down. I’m very lucky that medics where close and helped me out. Never in a million years did I think I was having a stroke. I just thought I had low blood sugar or was dehydrated.

I thought ‘if I get through this song I can grab a fizzy drink or a bite to eat and carry on’. I started the show fine but by the fourth song my vision started to go blurry, then my left arm went numb and I dropped my drum stick. I carried on playing with just my right arm but then I completely lost my vision in my left eye. The song finished and I collapsed on my drum kit.”

Headen continues to recover from the incident and while he has regained his sight, he is still struggling with his motor skills and is undergoing treatment. Doctor’s are uncertain as to what caused the stroke, though they suspect a clot in his shoulder may have been the culprit.

Upon hearing the story, Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch commented via social media:

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