Our Last Night

Our Last Night’s Matt Wentworth Blames Catfisher For Allegedly Sending Nudes To Underage Fan


Our Last Night guitarist/vocalist Matt Wentworth faced accusations of sexual misconduct on social media this past weekend after screenshots of him allegedly sending nude photos to an underage girl were circulated online. Matt has since taken to the social media to issue the following statement denying the accusations:

“The recent accusations toward me are ridiculous and 100% false. I have absolutely never done or said anything sexual or inappropriate to an underage person. The photos of me in the screenshot are old and were leaked to the internet long before the time of this accusation.

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I cannot control where these images are posted or who they are sent to. In the past, we have been notified that someone was using these photos as catfish bait through Snapchat with the name ‘TrevorOLN’.

We have provided our own image showing that other people were talking about getting cat-fished with these same photos the day before. We deeply apologize to the people who were sent these photos without consent.

This is all the information out there and we consider this cased closed. Thank you to all of our fans for being patient in the last 24 hours while we were sorting this all out. We love you guys.”

He also provided the following photographic evidence to backup his claims:

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