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Slipknot’s Jim Root On Trying To Recapture The Sound Of Past Albums: “We’re Not Those People Anymore. We’re Not That Band Anymore.”


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor found himself on the receiving end of backlash from fans after commenting last June that the band’s then still gestating new album now known as “We Are Not Your Kind” was going to be “‘Iowa’ levels of heavy“. Those expecting another taste of the group’s 2001 album were rather vocal with their disappointment when the forthcoming record’s first official single “Unsainted” arrived and didn’t live up to his assessment. Not too long after that, Taylor backpedalled on his previous statement regarding the album.

That leads us up to this weekend where Slipknot guitarist Jim Root was asked by Kerrang! Radio if he would compare “We Are Your Kind” to “Iowa“, he replied:

“No. I would never in a million years compare anything we’ve done to anything we’ve previously done.

I don’t believe in it. I think it’s bad, because no matter… I mean, you could say, ‘Oh, we’re gonna write the heaviest album of all time,’ or, ‘We’re gonna write an album that sounds like ‘Iowa‘.’ Even if we set out to try to do so, it would never compare.

We’re not those people anymore. We’re not that band anymore. That was a place in time; it was a snapshot of who we were at that time; and to try to recreate that, I think, would be contrived, and our fans would see right through it.

And even if it was a great, really heavy, aggressive, organic record like that, the comparison wouldn’t match up to it. So I like to look at everything as an evolution.

And if I’d compare anything, it wouldn’t be the songs themselves; it might be the process itself.”

We Are Not Your Kind” will be out on August 09th through Roadrunner Records.

[via Blabbermouth]

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