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Bad Omens Frontman Details Past “Total Mental Breakdown” As The Amity Affliction Singer Reignites Beef


Late last year Bad Omens found themselves in a public dispute with The Amity Affliction and Senses Fail after pulling out of a planned tour together. At the time The Amity Affliction and Senses Fail alleged that Bad Omens backed out of the trek after being unhappy with the font size of their name on the admat for the bill.

A statement issued by Bad Omens at the time was somewhat vague on the specifics, but in part offered “The terms of our deal to be the direct support act on this co-headline tour were negotiated prior to accepting the tour and they were not honored.”

While that tour has long since taken place with Silent Planet filling the spot vacated by Bad Omens, it would appear the beef still lingers. The Amity Affliction vocalist Joel Birch reignited the feud publicly this weekend, issuing the following reply to a tweet made by Bad Omens frontman Noah Sebastian.

Following that, Sebastian put out the following statement regarding his mental state at the time of the initial conflict between the bands:

“For most of 2017 I was in a very sensitive state mentally due to a total breakdown I don’t want to go further into detail about because I don’t like talking about it, and it simply isn’t your business.

In this state I was prone to all kinds of erratic behaviors, triggered by almost anything, to a point that both myself and other people around me were concerned for my safety.

Fortunately – I got it all sorted and I’ve been feeling better than ever since the start of 2018. Fast forward a bit to when the internet blew up as a result of what I can only imagine at this point was lots of miscommunications and a bad judgement call to make an announcement in the tackiest most unprofessional way possible.

When we issued a statement about the situation I mentioned that I had felt “bullied” and lots of people find that hilarious. So I’m gonna explain what I meant.

Now my whole life I’ve never been a sensitive person and I’ve been through enough fucked up shit growing up that a crude joke, or a keyboard warrior are the last things that could phase me.

I thought I was psychologically invincible. But after experiencing a totally unpredictable panic and anxiety beyond manageable for such a long duration of time, and seeing what it truly meant to lose your power over your emotional state, I learned how relative these seemingly innocent situations can be.

We got hundreds maybe thousands of hateful messages and comments and tweets – sometimes even threats? Over this goofy band “beef” and a decision we felt was best for our band.”

Now I’m not dressing myself as a victim here, and as I said before, I was in a good place at this point so while it was frustrating having so much to say while trying to maintain some level of professionalism – it wasn’t detrimental.

But the point I’m trying to make it that inciting some kind of gang mentality in an attempt to encourage the masses to send a negative response or energy to someone – is always potentially a risk when your knowledge of the actual situation is limited and something maybe you’d rather be safe than sorry about when you never know what that person is going through.

And that’s a gamble both TAA and SF were willing to take and let’s not all play dumb and act like they didn’t know that would happen.

An ironic gamble considering the message Joel monetizes while advocating all kinds of positive mental health agendas, but after almost 40 years to accumulate any kind of wisdom on the subject, wasn’t able to consider.

So no we aren’t pussies, or divas, and if you talk enough shit to us we will likely talk shit back.

But we are self aware enough to check ourselves, and keep the conversation going about a problem we actually care about and have all been affected by. I’m not trying to call on anyone to “cancel” these bands or dudes. You word it a certain way, and it’s funny. I get it.”

The memes are still funny. No such thing as bad press. But it’s also a good example of a situation that at the wrong time or place, with the person, could’ve gone worse, and I think that’s worth thinking about. Love all you guys. See you on the road. Hopefully the higher one.”

When asked later by a fan about the uproar his latest tweet caused, Birch responded:


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