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Bad Omens Issue Statement On Tour Admat Dispute With Senses Fail/The Amity Affliction, Launch Tiny Logo T-Shirt


Bad Omens have now issued a statement of their own regarding their decision to exit their planned tour early next year with The Amity Affliction, Senses Fail and Belmont over an alleged admat dispute. In a statement shared by The Amity Affliction and Senses Fail earlier today, November 08th, it was said that Bad Omens had pulled out of the tour after taking issue with the size of their name on the admat (aka tour flyer) for the trek. That statement read as follows:

“We have to let you know that Bad Omens have pulled out of this tour. They were unhappy about the size of their name on the artwork and felt the need to pull out the day after we announced the tour.

Both The Amity Affliction and Senses Fail are working hard to find a replacement and we look forward to sharing that with you as soon as possible.”

Soon after, Ash Avildsen, who heads Sumerian Records (the label Bad Omens are signed to) made a brief post on Twitter, in part offering “Older bands bullying younger bands, both privately in deal points and publicly on the internet. Cool story guys.”

Now Bad Omens themselves have addressed the matter in a statement of their own, it reads as follows:

“We are always professional and respectful with the bands that we tour with. Anyone that’s toured with us can attest to that. We are not a band that creates problems or ever finds itself involved in “drama”. With that being said the last thing we wanted to do was make a big deal out of our departure from the tour with Senses Fail / Amity Affliction when announcing that we would no longer be on it.

But due to both Senses Fail and The Amity Affliction’s attempts to publicly drag our name in the mud along with all of the online bullying they’ve not only welcomed but encouraged – they’ve forced our hand.

The terms of our deal to be the direct support act on this co-headline tour were negotiated prior to accepting the tour and they were not honored. Our team politely and professionally asked it to be honored before the tour was announced and they refused. Specific assets requested were neither sent or approved. After all of this and the tour still going live we did our best to remedy the situation to stay involved and we were met with total disrespect.

At this point it was a matter of principle. We aren’t going to be another young band that gets pushed around by older bands. Sorry if that doesn’t work for you. This public shaming campaign the bands have created online is both ironic and symbolic to the situation, as well as confirmation we made the right choice by leaving this tour.

I grew up listening to Senses Fail and I never imagined they would stimulate this kind of bullying or shaming over something so trivial – this unprofessional and ugly behavior is highly disappointing. None the less we wish the bands the best on their tour, and we apologize to anyone we’ve disappointed by dropping off the tour.

Standing up for yourself in any type of relationship, whether business or personal, is something Bad Omens believes in. Sometimes
that means people get upset, hence having to write this.

We hope you enjoy our new shirt design…”

As for the new t-shirt design, it plays up the whole dispute, featuring a tiny print of the band’s logo. You can pre-order it now over at It would appear that The Amity Affliction are still bit sore over the issue though, having retweeted the following post from a fan after having made their initial statement on Bad Omens‘ departure.

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