Adema Reportedly Once Again Part Ways With Frontman Marky Chavez


Adema began teasing their plans for new material and touring this week, offering the following post:

“Hello ADEMA family, friends, and fans!! We can see you noticed some exciting new stuff we started posting late last night (at midnight!!?? Do you guys sleep????). Here’s what we can tell you now: YES, we are hitting North America this summer on a major package tour with some other GREAT bands – all good friends of ours and bands we know you love!

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We can see the excitement and speculation in the comments regarding the new photo we posted – and yes, we have some really exciting news to announce very soon – and trust us you will be stoked and super surprised in a GREAT way! We suspect that this news is going to break the internet. Yes, we have plans to release some new music – more on that later.

YES, we will have VIP hangouts available for sale very soon – and YES we will be playing all the songs you LOVE every night.. you will be hearing from us again soon! We love you!

David DeRoo, Mike Ransom, Kris Kohls, and Tim Fluckey

Notably absent from the post is a mention of the band’s frontman Mark Chavez, who returned to their lineup in 2017 after previously exiting the group twice. Chavez  is also now missing from their about section on their Facebook.

The band have shared some silhouetted images of their apparent new lineup with rumors already circulating that Ryan Shuck of Julien-K, Orgy, etc. fame has reportedly joined the group. Adema are expected to head out this fall with Powerman 5000, (hed)p.e. and more on ‘The Days Of Disorder Tour‘.

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