Behemoth’s Nergal Comments On Irish’s Councillor’s Attempt To Ban Their Ireland Show


Behemoth‘s upcoming June 17th live appearance with Amon Amarth at King John’s Castle in Limerick, Ireland has been drawing some controversy after the band have landed on the radar of a conservative politician. Limerick councillor Kevin Sheehan has called upon the Minister for Justice to bar the group from performing the show, citing his concerns with their Satanic beliefs and their past actions onstage.

Sheehan was quoted by the Irish Examiner:

“People who come to our country and intend – and I hope they don’t do it – to tear up bibles on public platforms for the entertainment of people. To me it’s disgusting and it’s disgraceful and it’s not my type of entertainment. We do not want it here in this country.”

Speaking further on the matter via The Last Word With Matt Cooper, he said:

“To me, the objection is well founded and it’s quite justified. Satanism is associated with evil. And I’m a Christian. I wouldn’t be blowing my trumpet too loud about that. I’m an average Christian, if there’s such a thing. And what I am against totally is anything to do with Satanism and with evil thoughts, music or practices.”

Outside of the band’s beliefs, Sheehan is referring to past incidents in which Behemoth have torn up a bible onstage, including one infamous incident that involved The Devil Wears Prada and another that saw the band run afoul of the authorities of their native Poland.

Behemoth vocalist Nergal has since commented on the matter, offering:

“Nihil novi. Another attention whore which Poland’s politics is full of. But do we really need that kind of publicity? Nope. But I’m thankful regardless!”

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