Cave In

Cave In Speak On Enlisting Converge’s Nate Newton As Their New Bassist


Cave In vocalist/guitarist Stephen Brodsky chatted recently with Kerrang! about the band’s upcoming album “Final Transmission“, which will see a release tomorrow, June 07th. That effort features the final studio recordings of their late bassist/vocalist Caleb Scofield, who died in an automobile accident in March of 2018.

Since his passing, the group have officially enlisted Converge‘s Nate Newton as their new bassist, with Brodsky in part offering of that:

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“…He [Nate] was someone that knew Caleb really well. They played in a band together for many years. That’s something that Nate could also relate to, as well. There’s like a whole personality behind the playing because Caleb wasn’t just a player, he was a writer. There’s just this whole personality that goes along with it, and I think being able to get into the mindset of that is really important if you’re going to do it justice.”

When asked how much of the album had been completed prior to Caleb‘s untimely passing, Brodsky replied:

“Well, the song ‘Led To The Wolves‘ was musically constructed in 2011; after March, we started to put the lyrics and the vocals together for that song. The song ‘Lunar Day‘ is from 2014 and that was like an experimental thing. We were all file sharing music, seeing as we all lived in sort of different places.

I was living in Brooklyn and out of that experiment, the song ‘Lunar Day‘ was the most fleshed out. It had lyrics and the vocal melody, the only thing that needed to happen was to get Adam on there, and that’s what happened after March of last year. The songs ‘Strange Reflection‘, ‘Lanterna‘, ‘Winter Window‘, and ‘Nightcrawler‘ had been more or less fully-formed.”

50% of the proceeds from the new album will be donated to Scofield‘s widow and children. For more on the outing, the band coming to terms with Caleb‘s passing and some vague talk of future upcoming U.S. touring and more, head to Kerrang!.

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