Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth Premiere “Mjölner, Hammer Of Thor” Music Video


Amon Amarth have brought their trilogy of music videos to a close with the below debut of the video for their track “Mjölner, Hammer Of Thor“. The series of clips has seen MMA fighter Josh Barnett starring as ‘The Berseker‘, WWE wrestlers Erick Rowan appearing as ‘Thor‘ and ‘Viktor‘ as ‘Demon Henchman’. Other appearances include Tess Kielhammer as ‘Demon Boss‘, Shanie Rusth as ‘Shield Maiden‘.

It began with their music video for “Raven’s Flight” and continued with their clip for “Crack The Sky“. All three songs can be found on their latest album, “Berserker“, which is in stores now.

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