Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden File $2 Million Lawsuit Against Publisher Of ‘Ion Maiden’ Video Game


Iron Maiden‘s camp have filed suit against video game publisher 3D Realms earlier this week over their game ‘Ion Maiden‘. The band’s holding company are seeking $2 million in damages in the suit, alleging that similarities between the name and logo of the game were intentional in a bid to take advantage of potential confusion amongst fans of the group. The suit was filed on May 28th and finds the band alleging various instances of such confusion surrounding the product.

While not similar in terms of content, Iron Maiden themselves have their own RPG-styled video game, ‘Legacy Of The Beast‘, which they have been actively promoting and continually updating for the past few years. It is currently only available on mobile devices. ‘Ion Maiden‘ is a retro first-person shooter available via PC and console platforms.

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