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Woman Who Rallied To Ban Watain From Playing Singapore Sets Her Sights On Cryptopsy, Pestilence, Etc. Shows


Earlier this year Watain‘s planned show in Singapore was cancelled amid apparent public outcry over the band’s lyrical content and Satanic views. While it’s easy to see why Watain could be considered controversial amid the moralistic community, Soilwork were also thrown under the bus as part of that uproar and summarily rescheduled their planned March show to October.

At the heart of the opposition is a woman identified as Rachel Chan, who started this petition to have Watain and Soilwork banned from performing in the republic and managed to earn 23,000 signatures in support thus far. As part of her plea on that, she stated:

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“These heavy metal bands do not represent the culture which we want in our youths. Their subliminal messages in their songs include death and suicide. Sign this petition to get our lawmakers to ban these bands from performing in Singapore.”

Emboldened by her early victory in the Satanic panic reminiscent controversy, Chan has now set her sights on getting both black metal and death metal bands banned in general, calling for officials to put an end to upcoming shows from Pestilence and Cryptopsy, as well as Soilwork‘s rescheduled October show.

She also seeks to have a planned ‘Metal United World Wide‘ show banned as well as part of her newest push, encouraging citizens to appeal to Sinagpore’s Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and more to see her desires fulfilled.

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