Epicenter Festival

Attendees Call For Class Action Suit After ‘Epicenter Festival’ Struggles With Weather And Traffic


According to local news reports and social media posts, this year’s inaugural edition of the ‘Epicenter Festival‘ left more than a few attendees soured. The festival was put on by Danny Wimmer Presents and serves as the official replacement for the ‘Carolina Rebellion‘ festival going forward.

The fest took place over the weekend at the newly created Rockingham Festival Grounds in Richmond County, NC. However, while severe inclement weather saw the cancellation of sets from some headlining acts on Saturday—including Judas Priest, Tool & more—multiple attendees also complained about traffic congestion and disorder in relation to the new festival grounds.

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A report filed by WRAL cites hours of traffic delay in getting to and from the festival grounds with one attendee claiming that they only moved a mile and a half towards the festival grounds during a period of four hours on Friday night (May 10th.) Other attendees shared tales on social media of being told to turn back due to the extreme congestion.

A number of admittedly thankful attendees said that a fan took matters into their own hands for outbound access from the festival grounds by cutting a hole in the fence after traffic crawled to a halt. Organizers responded on Saturday by opening more inbound access lanes to the grounds. However, that night saw severe weather which forced the grounds to be evacuated, creating another set of problems.

Other complaints leveled by angry attendees included dramatically lowered ticket prices during the weekend itself, leaving those who paid hundreds of dollars well in advance feeling cheated.

Despite Saturday’s severe weather conditions, tonight’s (May 12th) performances from the Foo Fighters and more appear to have went off as planned. However, a Facebook group formed over the weekend calling for a class-action lawsuit against the organizers. Over 1300 members signed up for the group, but it appears to have since been removed from the social network.

While thousands of fans did get to enjoy the majority of the weekend’s scheduled performances, these reports illustrate the apparent growing pains for the festival grounds and key logistical issues that will need to be addressed for future events.

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