Stephen Brodsky Of Cave In/Mutoid Man

Cave In/Mutoid Man Frontman Stephen Brodsky Reveals Which Song He Wants To Be Remembered For


Cave In/Mutoid Man, etc. frontman Stephen Brodsky has taken part in Kerrang!‘s ‘The 10 Songs That Changed My Life’ feature, revealing which songs songs played key roles in his life and musical journey. In addition to discussing which song made him want to start a band, which is his favorite to play live and more, he also revealed which track he wants to be remembered for. For that honor he chose Cave In‘s “Sing My Loves“, stating of it:

“I think this is probably the best collaborative and most creative Cave In moment, where we all came together on one song. This one just encapsulates everything about the band.

The wild thing about it is that most of the music was written by Caleb Scofield, and I remember watching him in rehearsals and it seemed like he was somehow making it up as he went along. It was this really magical moment – it was impossible to tell how much he’d worked on it on his own beforehand or if he was just capturing lightning in a bottle.”

You can read the rest of his choices over at Kerrang!.