Alice In ChainsPamela Littky

Alice In Chains Release Third Part Of ‘Black Antenna’ Sci-Fi Film


The third installment of Alice In Chains’10 part sci-fi film ‘Black Antenna‘ has now arrived online. The 90-minute feature evolved from the idea of filming a music video for each song on the band’s latest album “Rainier Fog“. Director Adam Mason helmed the project and said of this latest episode:

“We get some answers in chapter three. Alpha isn’t from this world. He crash landed here in his true alien form, stole a human body, and is now desperately trying to get a message to his people back home. We also realize that Beta wasn’t always with him, and that Alpha essentially pulled her from his own body, birthing her, because he was so lonely here on earth. Consequently Beta is caught between two places, feeling neither from our planet, or her own.

We also learn that US immigration has a terrifying dude called Nil working for them, who is similarly not of this world, and is hell bent on tracking down and killing any illegal aliens that come onto his radar.”

The following was previously offered on the overall plot:

“‘Black Antenna‘ tells the story of Alpha (played by ‘Green Book‘ actor Paul Sloan) and his 21 year-old daughter, Beta (Viktoriya Dov), who drive their beat-up truck across California in silence, speaking only telepathically. Together they rob and steal from the men the girl seduces, taking phones, laptops and whatever they can find.

Alpha is trying to build something – an antenna – desperately trying to find a way to get a message to their people back home. Meanwhile there are unspeakably dark forces who have discovered their existence and are now hell-bent on tracking them down and eradicating them before more of their kind can come and join them.”