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Nothing More Guitarist Mark Vollelunga Jokes About Bands Hitting Their “Incubus Starts To Suck Kinda Stride”


Nothing More guitarist Mark Vollelunga had an interesting view on where he feels his band are at in their career creatively. Speaking on a recent episode of the ‘BREWtally Speaking Podcast‘ (hear it below,) the guitarist commented:

“I’d say most bands that have been together as long as we have start to run out of ideas, or soften, or… I don’t know, this is like where Incubus starts to suck kinda stride I feel.”

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After agreeing that Incubus‘ 2004 album “A Crow Left Of The Murder…” was the last solid Incubus album, he went on to explain:

“I guess my point is that it’s been cool to grow as a band. In the last five years I feel like in we’ve not only grown number wise in terms of people paying attention, but also musically. I don’t feel that we’re anywhere near out of ideas or anywhere near out of steam to just keep plugging away to make some of the coolest music out there.”

Before clarifying that the band are all Incubus fans and he’s listened to their later records, he added:

“They definitely lost some edge as soon as Dirk [bassist Alex “Dirk Lance” Katunich] left the band, or whatever happened there. Ben Kenney is a phenomenal bass player, for sure, it’s just different, that’s all. And to me, it’s just like ‘Ooh, Dirk really had an impact on a lot of the writing and a lot of the style, I think, that came out.”

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