David Silveria Of Core 10

David Silveria Says It’s Possible He Could Play With Korn Again, Admits Core 10 Was “Not What It Was Supposed To Be”


Former Korn drummer David Silveria hasn’t exactly had the best relationship with his ex-bandmates since his 2006 exit from the group. With public disses and multiple lawsuits—including this latest royalty dispute—it’s pretty clear where both parties stand. Despite that, Silveria stated that he could one day see himself performing with the band again.

Appearing on Talk Toomey to discuss his latest band BI•AS, Silveria was asked if he would ever get back onstage with the band, perhaps for a song or a potential ‘Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’ induction. He replied:

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“I think it’s a good possibility I could play with them at the ‘Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame‘, but I don’t see anything past that.”

He also spoke of his previous band Core 10, which he exited last spring alongside guitarist Joe Tabak and bassist Chris Dorame. Reflecting on his time with the group, he stated:

“We got together with the guys from Core 10 and we did that. I don’t know why we [did] that band for so long. Myself, Joe [Tabak] and Chris [Dorame,] we all knew… We would all look at each other, we would know that the band was just not what it was supposed to be. I think everyone had false hope that it would it would get better.”

He did go on to say that the experience of playing with Core 10 was a positive for him as it got him back into regularly playing music again. BI•AS debuted two new songs at the start of this year and continue to work on new material for their next release.