Raunchy’s “Velvet Noise” Set For Vinyl Release


Raunchy‘s 2001 debut album “Velvet Noise” is headed for it’s first-ever vinyl pressing on April 12th through Mighty Music. The album has newly been remastered for vinyl by Henrik West and will be pressed on orange vinyl limited to 500 copies. The band’s guitarist Lars Christensen recently commented of the record:

“We knew that we were something different to the Danish Metal scene back then. We had a much more alternative approach on how we wanted metal music and OUR music to sound so we knew that we might get ‘slaughtered’ when the reviews would start to tick in. I mean just our brand name Raunchy has no ‘metal’ feel/meaning to it, so that was definitely a thing we knew would be ‘uphill’.

Also the fact that we pretty much looked like a typical generic band from the Britpop ‘heydays’ of Blur, Suede, Oasis, Radiohead, The Verve etc. was another obstacle – but we couldn’t care less.”

This past December the band announced that they would be returning with new music later this year after having been absent from the scene for awhile now.

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