ThriceDan Monick

New Thrice “The Artist In The Ambulance”, “Vheissu” and “Red Sky” Vinyl Pressings Planned


Three previous Thrice releases are set for new vinyl reissues on SRCVinyl on March 29th. 2003’s “The Artist In The Ambulance“, its 2005 follow-up “Vheissu” and the band’s 2006 “Vheissu” companion EP “Red Sky” will all be getting new pressings.

The Artist In The Ambulance” will be released on both standard and deluxe pressings with the latter sporting unique center labels and an expanded 24 page booklet. The standard pressing will be available on coke bottle clear vinyl with the deluxe 180 gram black vinyl pressing limited to 2,200 copies.

The standard edition of “Vheissu” will be pressed on clear vinyl with the deluxe edition once again sporting an expanded booklet and a pressing on 180 gram black vinyl.

Red Sky” on the other hand will only be released in one format: a clear with black and white melt vinyl pressing limited to 2,000 copies. The pressing will represent the first time “Red Sky” has made it to vinyl. Pre-orders for all editions are are up now at this location.