MyrkurJacob Top Møller

Myrkur Shares Video For Her Take On Danish Folk Song “Bonden og Kragen”


Myrkur has launched a video of her take on the Danish folk song, “Bonden og Kragen” (or ‘Kragevise‘). Speaking of the track, which is included on her impending new EP “Juniper” that is due out this Friday, December 07th, she stated:

“The song dates back to around 1600. It exists in many different versions, including Swedish and Norwegian. The tale features a peasant/farmer who ventures into the woods and shoots a crow. A local Church Bishop gets word of this and demands to know what the peasant will use the dead crow for.

Back then, the Church would take from the farmers and they were not fully allowed to own their livestock and crops. In response, the peasant starts making up a very long and unrealistic list of every part of the crow that he will use as a way refusing a tribute.”

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