The Damned Things

The Damned Things (Anthrax, Fall Out Boy, Etc.) Announce First Live Show Since 2011


While there’s been a few rumblings of new material in the works, The Damned Things have mostly been quiet since late 2011. It seems their schedules will align in 2019 though with the Fall Out Boy, Anthrax, Every Time I Die, Volbeat and Shiner member featuring supergroup having announced a live show.

The band will be playing the 2019 ‘Welcome To Rockville‘ festival in Jacksonville, FL on Saturday, May 04th. This past August the band’s guitarist Scott Ian (also of Anthrax) teased that a new album is in the works, stating:

“We always knew with The Damned Things, it was always going to be something that we would get to do schedules permitting, because we are all in extremely busy bands. But look, we’re all friends and we’re all in contact with each other on a regular basis and I can say that there is, possibly, a record, but that’s all I’m going to say about it [laughs].”

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