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Ex-Poison The Well Bassist Alan Landsman Facing Prison Time For Role In Fraudulent Telemarketing Scheme


Former Poison The Well bassist/Until The End vocalist Alan Landsman is one of several facing a sentence of up to 72 months in prison for his role as a’co-conspirator’ in a company that committed mail fraud and engaged in various fraudulent business practices.

Spearheaded by one Eric Epstein, 38, the company ultimately identified as ‘Midway’ was primarily involved in selling light bulbs and cleaning supplies to various organizations at an exorbitant price. According to court documents, the involved parties would cold-call companies, and through deceptive means, attain information of people involved with the billing departments at the companies and organizations who were targeted.

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They would then use that information to fraudulently ship light bulbs/cleaning supplies to those organizations  invoiced at inflated prices. Those who attempted to contest the overcharging were left cold with an answering machine/collections department. U.S. attorney Robert K. Hur stated of the company:

Eric Epstein and his co-conspirators preyed on churches, schools, homeless shelters, and businesses to steal more than $50 million through a sophisticated scheme that involved sham sales of light bulbs and cleaning supplies.

Not only did he not pay taxes on much of the money, but Epstein used the ill-gotten gains to fund a lavish lifestyle including luxury vehicles, a million-dollar home, and extravagant jewelry.

Federal agents and prosecutors will pursue perpetrators of such fraud schemes to recover money stolen from the victims and from the United States Treasury.”

Court documents state that various shell companies were setup to assist in the scheme. They also reveal the extend of the fraud with one Atlanta business having been charged $3,750.05 for product that in actuality cost $156.70. Landsman is said to have served as the vice president of one of the shell companies, ‘Standard Industries LLC’, and is set to begin his sentence on Wednesday, December 05th. Epstein was sentenced to 135 months in prison this past September. Further info on the case can be found here.

Landsman‘s time in Poison The Well was relatively brief, lasting for a little over a year. He most notably appeared on the band’s 1999 full-length debut, “The Opposite Of December“. On an interesting side note, Landsman‘s Instagram bio includes a link to the communications page on the official website of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and a rather suggestive handle given the circumstances.

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