Laura Jane Grace Of Against Me!Brittany Sowacke/Noisey

Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!) Just Recently Heard Deftones’ “White Pony” For The First Time


With their ‘Blind Spots’ series, Noisey seek to introduce artists to famous albums which they have never heard. The latest entry finds the publication introducing Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! fame to the Deftones‘ platinum-selling 2000 album, “White Pony“. Grace readily admits to having been reluctant to listen to nü metal artists in the genre’s heyday, as well as having written the Deftones off as being similar to Korn, Limp Bizkit and the like.

Her introduction to the album was captured by Noisey and can be read here. Whilst sharing her thoughts throughout the playthrough of the record, she also told the below stories of her brushes with nü metal artists:

“Well, Limp Bizkit are from Jacksonville, Florida, so they were really close to Gainesville, where I lived at the time. Fred Durst gave my first wife a tattoo of a star on the bottom of her foot when she was 14 years old in his trailer home. So that was my first introduction to Limp Bizkit.”

She went on to say:

“And then with Korn, we played one time at a festival in Europe with Jonathan Davis playing solo. He sat for his entire set, sitting in the middle of the stage on a fucking throne. It was such bullshit. I think the throne even had its own road case. They were in Europe so they had shipped the throne over. I was just astounded by the idea that people would be excited to see this dude sit on a throne for an entire show.”

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