The Dillinger Escape Plan

Greg Puciato Opens Up On Lyrical Inspiration For The Dillinger Escape Plan, Discusses Moving On From The Band


With a new album (“Infinite Games“) from one of his current projects, The Black Queen, due to drop this Friday, September 28th, vocalist Greg Puciato (ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan) recently sat down with Revolver to discuss the album as well as moving on from The Dillinger Escape Plan. With that latter band having been put to pasture in December of last year following a series of farewell shows, Puciato opened up more about the lyrical content of the songs he wrote with that band:

“Most people don’t know that a lot of Dillinger lyrics deal with intimacy disorder, and the frustration that comes from not being able to get close to people or to resolve a broken relationship. Things like co-dependency and toxic relationships — and the cumulative long-term effects they have on you — have always been a recurring theme.

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The Black Queen kinda deals with the opposite of that — the glimpses you have that might not be your fate, and celebrating the times you felt connected with people. A lot of it comes from hopefulness that I have for intimacy.

“There’s some sad stuff on there, too. But it’s done with a more hopeful shine to it than the nihilistic, ‘Everything is fucked’ approach [of Dillinger]. And I feel like as a person, I swing back and forth between those two mindsets.”

Puciato also spoke of how he felt after Dillinger played their final shows, offering:

“I felt fucking great, which is funny, because I felt horrible for the whole cycle. I felt horrible when we were making our last record, and I felt horrible when we were making the record before that, because that’s when I first knew we were ending the band. And then you go on tour and you’re dispelling all this raw, toxic energy. People don’t realize that—they think you’re the ambassador for a room full of excited people. But it’s like ripping a scab off every night.”

Regardless of his distance from that band, he still does retain an aggressive outlet in Killer Be Killed—his supergroup with members of Soulfly, Mastodon and more. However, with that band’s sporadic activity routinely hampered by scheduling issues, he isn’t adverse to potentially starting another heavier project in the future. He stated of that:

“I won’t feel Dillinger end from a creative standpoint for another year and a half or two years, because I’m doing exactly what I would be doing even if Dillinger was still a band right now. Maybe then, if I have some venom in me, I might need to start a new project.”

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