Greg Tribbett On Mudvayne Reunion: “There’s No Time For That Right Now”


Though Greg Tribbett of Mudvayne, ex-HELLYEAH fame currently plays with his Mudvayne bandmate Matthew McDonough in Audiotopsy, the pair appear to be no closer to being involved in a potential Mudvayne reunion. That band went on hiatus back in 2010 with Tribbett and vocalist Chad Gray having both shifted their attention to HELLYEAH at the time.

While Gray appears to remain a member of HELLYEAH in the wake of the tragic passing of that band’s drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott, Tribbett himself exited HELLYEAH in 2014. Mudvayne‘s bassist Ryan Martinie meanwhile has been playing with Soften The Glare during the past few years.

Speaking recently with ‘Jon’s Untitled Podcast‘, Tribbett reaffirmed that Mudvayne are still dormant, offering:

“…We’re all flattered that everyone still wants Mudvayne to tour and do a new record and come out and do all that stuff. The thing is is that everybody is in three different bands and kinda doing their own projects, and there’s no time for that right now.

People just need a little more patience, I know 10 years is a long time, but… they’re doing the same thing… they say the same thing about System Of A Down, you know they haven’t put out a record in 12 years and the fans are begging for them.

You know and I think it’s the individuals in the band, it’s just priorities, you know?”

Tribbett‘s current focus is on Audiotopsy‘s new album “The Real Now“, out November 02nd on Megaforce. Given Audiotopsy‘s lineage of Mudvayne members and former Skrape singer Billy Keeton, Tribbett is also a bit defensive about fans who compare the band to its members’ past outfits:

Chad [Gray] is not the singer of this fucking band. I wish people would figure that out. You know, that’s what I hear from all the haters blah blah blah, ‘oh it’s not Chad so it fucking sucks, I don’t give a fuck about it.’ It’s like dude, this is a whole different band a whole different vibe, a whole different sound.

It’s not meant to be Mudvayne or sound like Mudvayne. Just because there’s 2 other members from Mudvayne in it. Like I said, people have no patience for anything, because I know everyone’s begging for a Mudvayne reunion, and have been for almost ten years now. That’s all I’ve been hearing.”

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