Chthonic Debut Official “Millennia’s Faith Undone” Music Video


Chthonic have debuted the official studio version of their new song “Millennia’s Faith Undone“. That track is from their eighth studio album “Battlefields Of Asura“, which is headed for an October 10th release. The song arrives via a new music video which you can check out below. The band’s bassist/vocalist Doris Yeh, stated of this latest offering:

“‘Millennia’s Faith Undone‘ was inspired by the era of radical change in the history of Taiwan between the 30s and the 50s, also as the prequel to their albums of story series. Birdy, the director of the music video, set the narrative after the stores in their previous music videos of ‘Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace‘ (acoustic version) and ‘Kaoru‘ (acoustic version).

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With an out of body experience, the main character sees the White Terror victims’ lives taken away by the dictators, and eventually himself being executed by shooting; all was left is his last will and testament overwhelmed in the mass of historical documents. Birdy recruited the crew and the lead actor and actress, Finn and Chia-Yu Chang, from the shoot for ‘Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace‘ (acoustic ver.) and ‘Kaoru‘ (acoustic ver.) four years ago.

Additionally, The Aeon’s version of “Millennia’s Faith Undone” will receive a music video treatment and will be premiered at the end of this month. In the upcoming video, the story will be told from the perspective of the lead female character. Stay tuned!”

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