Austin Carlile With Linkin Park

Ex-Of Mice & Men Singer Austin Carlile Shoots Down Rumors Of Joining Linkin Park


Ex-Of Mice & Men vocalist Austin Carlile has shot down rumors that he will be replacing Chester Bennington in Linkin Park. Fans began to speculate after some footage shared recently by Carlile on his Instagram featured footage of him performing with Linkin Park back on their tour together several years ago. Carlile himself has since shot down those rumors via Twitter in a reply to Loudwire, who had run a report on the matter:

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As Carlile stated, he has been working on a new project in recent months with more details to come. Currently he is currently recovering from more complications brought on by Marfan syndrome—a genetic connective tissue disorder that played a role in his decision to leave Of Mice & Men back in 2016, you can read some words from him on that below:

"Don't turn your back on me, I won't be ignored." @chesterbe @linkinpark

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Day eight update: down to only two IV's in my arms! (have had over 30 "pokes" this week alone haha) Because of my extensive medical experiences over my life my veins are extremely hard to find, get blood, or even keep a line in, because they rupture so easily or just won't take a poke at all. My most crucial areas for contrast lines, IV's, or even the dreaded blood draws every 4 hours, are all hardened with scar tissue. Many times I have to resort to lines in my feet or neck or ultrasound. Add a connective tissue disorder like Marfans Syndrome to the mix? Nightmare. Always my joke with nurses "let's see if you can get an IV to stay in under 8 sticks"… If you frequent hospitals or have multiple treatments monthly you understand… As of yesterday the pouches of fluid in my forehead, eyebrows, sides of head, and skull have been completely drained and removed! Very excited about that, but unfortunately even with all the swelling gone the pressure & pain in skull and spine remains the same. I still have another day of intrevenuous antibiotic treatment, and two more days of similar steroid treatments as well. Will know next steps when those are completed. My specialists also put me on a medication a few days ago that slows the production of whatever enzymes that creates cerebrospinal fluid production in my body, which has proven beneficial to not only the swelling in skull but the pain as well. Tomorrow I will start back with more testing and begin to remove other variables and possibilities of what could be the root of the problem, leak, draining, etc. For many that battle with chronic illness this is just another walk in the park, another hill to climb. It is frustrating at times but I am at peace. Words cannot express, you will never truly understand how much it means to me that all of you have stood by my side even when these same health issues took me from Mice. This small bout came out of nowhere and I will leave it behind just as quickly. God has been working immensely in my life and I have been working on new things that I've poured my entire heart into and cannot wait to share them with you. One step at a time. Grateful. ??????

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