Mastodon Hope To Start Work On Next Album In Early 2019 According To Brann Dailor


Mastodon tentatively hope to begin putting together new material for their eighth studio album early next year. The band’s vocalist/drummer Brann Dailor recently told Consequence Of Sound of their plans:

“We’re always a work in progress, trying to figure out what we’re going to do next. We’re letting the ideas just come and setting them to the side for future work, and once in a while just sort of saying out loud what those ideas might be — whether they’re collected onstage when we’re doing soundcheck or if they are something that gets worked on backstage.

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You hear somebody noodling, and you’re like, ‘Oh, what’s that?’ Whenever the ears perk up to either [guitarists] Brent [Hinds] or Bill [Kelliher] doing something backstage, that’s always a nice little surprise.

Once we get home, and we decompress from the Emperor Of Sand tour cycle, sometime early next year, we’ll start dumping out the riffs and seeing what’s new and seeing what’s fresh and what we’re digging on, and then we’ll just start working — do what we normally do.”

He also explained how he wound up working on the ‘solo’ track “Red Death“. That song featured music composed by Tyler Bates (also of Marilyn Manson fame) and producer Mike Elizondo and was written for DC Comics‘ ‘Dark Nights: Metal‘ series of comics featuring BatmanDailor said of that:

“Well, I had been asked a few times by Mike Elizondo, who produced The Hunter with [Mastodon]. I’m a Batman fan, but I guess I never considered writing music about Batman. I mean who can compete with Prince’s “Batdance”. I was a little reluctant at first.

He was asking for me to do it right when Emperor Of Sand came out and we were like full-bore promoting that, and coming out of that album being birthed, I guess, the last thing I wanted to do was try to create something new. Every record that we do, when it finally comes out, it’s like you’ve been through the ringer. It can be an exhausting process.

A few months later, he got back in touch with me and said, “Hey man, I just wanna circle back around on this. Are you interested in doing this? You want to do anything with this?” I finally sat down and said OK, let me dig into this graphic novel and see if anything floats my boat, where I can get some kind of visual thing happening to where I can write lyrics and feel some kind of connection with one of these Batmans from this extended Batman universe.

And with ‘Red Death‘, I was just immediately able to see it. He had lost someone close to him and wanted revenge, but he also wanted to try to save his city. Everything he was doing was sort of working against that. So, I could empathize with that, so I just tried to mine the story for all the visuals and somehow put that into a few verses.”