Disturbed Pay Tribute To Vinnie Paul With Heartfelt Tribute And Pantera Cover At 2018 ‘Rock Fest’


This past week saw Disturbed return to the stage for the first time in just under a year. During their performance this past Saturday at the annual ‘Rock Fest‘ in Cadott, WI  the band paid tribute to late Pantera, HELLYEAH, etc. drummer Vinnie Paul, who passed away last month. Before dusting off their cover of Pantera‘s “Walk“, Disturbed frontman David Draiman had the following to say of Paul and his time with him:

“Our very first ‘Ozzfest‘, Pantera was on the main stage—we were just a baby [band.] And every night—every night—somehow, I ended up finding my way backstage to the Pantera dressing room; in fact, I think most of the band did.

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And they were always so welcoming—they had the warmest heart, and Vinnie especially. I mean everyone… Don’t get me wrong, I will always love Dime, and everyone will always love Dime—he is one of the greatest legends to ever grace the face of the planet.

But personally, I don’t feel enough has been said about the incredible heart, the majesty and the unbelievable level of musicianship that just came from Vinnie Paul.

It’s funny, because as I was hanging out with them, Dime wasn’t really into our stuff. He was all telling Vinnie, ‘I’m not into all that jumping-up-and-down shit.’ Well, we’re all about the jumping-up-and-down shit here.

And Vinnie said, ‘No, no, no, Dime, I’m telling you, you’ve gotta give these guys a chance. You’ve gotta give them a listen to.’ And by the time our second Ozzfest came around, we were lucky enough to open up the second stage in our hometown of Chicago.

And Vinnie and Dime made it out to the show just to come see us. They weren’t playing, Pantera wasn’t on the bill—they came to see us. And an area that could probably accommodate maybe 10 thousand people at most at that side stage was swarmed with 25 thousand people that day.

And I’ll never forget, after the whole experience went down, which was met with a mixture of both shock and wonder, and some regret, because it wasn’t the safest situation. But Vinnie and Dime were both blown away, and Vinnie became such a dear friend and such a huge supporter. And I miss him so very, very much, and I know you guys do too. I’m sorry—I’m starting to get a little choked up here.

So, as always, I feel, and I think you’ll share my opinion, that the best way to pay tribute to our heroes is to play their music. So, Danny why don’t you remind me how that one tune we always used to play with them started?”

Fan-filmed footage of that can be seen below:

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