Tengger Cavalry

Tengger Cavalry Regroup, Debut “The Heart” Music Video


Days after releasing their album “Cian Bi” this past February, Tengger Calalry announced their breakup. In a statement issued at the time, the band’s mastermind Nature Ganganbaigal slammed an allegedly bad label deal with M-Theory Audio and a ‘toxic’ business partner as the reasons for the disbandment.

In a new feature over at Ganganbaigal explains the dark days around that time period and confirms that the legal situation has been resolved, though due to a non-disclosure agreement, he can’t discuss it publicly. He also confirms the band have regrouped with today, July 13th, seeing the debut of a music video for the radio edit of a new track titled “The Heart“, the original version of which clocks in at 13 minutes. You can also stream the original version below as well.

Speaking of the song he offered:

“It is a long 13 min track featuring multiple nomadic folk artists from China and few amazing American musicians. As the song title suggests, it is a song dedicated to all of my fans who put their hearts into what they truly love and believe.”

Speaking of the band’s return, Ganganbaigal commented:

“After a long break, it is great to feel like creating what I love again. Moreover I am more than grateful to have all the band members, friends, fans and ppl around me to give a support for relaunching the band. It is more than a passion. It is a cultural project that I intend to share with everyone and I will do my best to keep on going. Last but not least, I want to thank Napalm Records for believing in me and giving me time to heal even when I was in my darkest hours.”

The band are also currently crowdfunding this campaign to once again perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Their current lineup runs as follows:

Nature – Guitar, Morin Khuur, Vocal
Pat Reilly – Guitar
Greg Baker – Double Bass
Randy Tesser – Drum
Muren – Morin Khuur

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