Vinnie Paul Of Pantera/HELLYEAH/Damageplan

Report: Vinnie Paul Died From Major Heart Attack


The Las Vegas Review-Journal are reporting that legendary drummer Vinnie Paul‘s (HELLYEAH, ex-Pantera, etc.) death this past Friday, June 22nd, was the result of a ‘major heart attack,’ according to those who knew him. As of yet an exact cause of death has not been confirmed/determined.

Last night Paul‘s ex-Pantera bandmate Phil Anselmo shared the below photo of a lit candle. Anselmo and Vinnie had a bitterly estranged relationship for well over a decade.

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Meanwhile, Vinnie‘s longtime girlfriend Chelsea Yeager also took to social media the comment on his passing, offering:

“I want to thank each & every one of you guys for sending your love! Please please give me & all of our family/friends time. I can’t begin to describe the pain in my heart from this nightmare… I have absolutely no other words.”

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