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Asking Alexandria, You Me At Six & Parkway Drive Members Weigh In On The Genre Of Rock Being In A Rut


The BBC recently caught up with members of Asking Alexandria, Parkway Drive and You Me At Six to discuss the current state of rock music. There’s been much speculation about the health of the genre, with Tool, etc. frontman Maynard James Keenan himself recently stating that he felt “we’ve almost outgrown rock as a culture.” His feelings were taken a step further by The Washington Post, who surmised that the genre doesn’t even matter at the moment as hip hop is king.

For his part, Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce weighed in on the matter, agreeing that the genre is currently “stuck in a rut.” He elaborated:

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“Rock bands aren’t given a lot of creative freedom. They’re told by their label: ‘We’re paying for this so you need to sound a certain way.’ It was the bravest genre in the world at one point. Now it’s complacent and we stick to the same format of releasing one album every two years. It’s boring and it’s dated.”

Referring to the genre of hip hop, pop and EDM and their relative experimental nature when it comes to collaboration and releasing their material, he offered “…They work with each other on tracks – whereas with rock bands this doesn’t happen.”

You Me At Six vocalist Josh Franceschi and Bruce appear to be of a similar mind on the issue, with Franceshi offering “When you put out an average guitar record don’t get annoyed when your band doesn’t get the limelight – you get what you deserve.” He further stated that the genre of rock could benefit from adopting a page out of the hip hop book:

“This goes for us and everybody else – raise the game, get in the studio, write some songs and get working hard, because the guys and girls making hip hop and RnB are in the studio 24/7.

Even when they’re on tour they’ve got a studio on their bus and they don’t stop working.

Maybe we should take a leaf out of their book.”

You can find more on the matter, including thoughts from Parkway Drive vocalist Winston McCall over at

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