Incubus Are “Entertaining” The Idea Of “Make Yourself” 20th Anniversary Touring


While Incubus didn’t partake in a proper 20th anniversary show/touring for their gold selling 1997 album “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.“, they may get a bit more reflective with the 20th anniversary for its 1999 2x platinum selling follow-up, “Make Yourself“. The band’s drummer José Pasillas II recently appeared on ‘Jon’s Untitled Podcast‘ and said of that:

Make Yourself” will be 20 years… I think that was 1999. Yeah, so that’s gonna be 20 years—so crazy. And we kinda messed around with the idea when “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.“, our first record turned 20.

So we do have these great opportunities to do stuff like that. And I think we’re entertaining it more now than we ever have—we never really thought of that before. But I think that would be great.

I think just sort of having a theme around a record would be great. Obviously we have so many other songs, we have such a long list of songs that people would want to hear that we can always play as well, but the theme would be sort of around that record.

Maybe in the future we’ll take it more seriously and do something like that. But it’s funny that you mentioned it because we just started talking about it as of late.”


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