Bleeding Through's Brandan Schieppati

Bleeding Through Frontman On Modern Metalcore Scene: “When Bands Like Us Started Going Away, Nobody Took That Torch—Everybody Was Too Afraid”


Bleeding Through frontman Brandan Schieppati continues to make headlines, this time for expressing his take on the current American metalcore scene. It’s a topic he has shared his thoughts on a lot recently, and as you’ll see below, he still has more to say. In a video shared by the band’s label SharpTone Records, he once again laments how similar sounding metalcore albums released between 2010-2016 made the the genre ‘taboo.’ He does feel that there is a sign of hope for the genre lately due to the return of rawer emotion from a handful of bands.

Regarding that, he stated: [transcribed by]

“I think there is a new kind of wave of metalcore, but in a certain extent, I think that it is sort of like a dead scene. It’s starting to revive again, but no one really, really took the torch and started carrying the torch from when bands like… You know I’d put Walls Of Jericho on that list and I’ll even put like Misery Signals on that list. When bands like us started going away, nobody took that torch—everybody was too afraid. I guess nobody wanted to bear that sort of burden of ‘OK, we’re gonna go with this, and we’re gonna run with this, and have pride in the stuff that we started listening to that even got us into this type of music.’

And I think that’s why you see a lot of these bands coming back. Because the scene isn’t being taken care of. And we do have pride in what we built. And especially Bleeding Through, we have pride in what we helped build—I’m not gonna say built because we helped build it along the way with other bands.

And I think that’s why you find these bands coming back. And so when people ask me like what sort of stuff, like metalcore, do you listen to and ‘how do you think this sort of scene is in America?’ I say there’s some good bands but overall I just think that there’s a bunch of shit out there.

And I think that the reason is because everything is too perfect. Everything is too polished. Everything is a formula. And there’s that need and that want for raw music again. And that’s what I feel like Bleeding Through has always had rawer sounding records.

Even though it sounds, production wise, big, it’s still raw. And you listen to so much music right now that is so polished. And it just sounds like a polished turd. And it’s fucking one of those things that takes the vibe out of the music. It just sounds like a robot. It just sounds like a robot to me.

And that’s not what that scene back in the day was. It was emotion. And now you’re seeing bands, like I mentioned before [Knocked Loose, Code Orange, Old Wounds, etc.] like a lot of those bands have crazy, raw, scratchy records that are just heavy as shit, and there’s emotion again. So I think that it’s starting to kind of come back.

And if us coming back can sort of help it, sort of comeback and revive that spirit and revive that genre, then I’ll take on that responsibility, any day of the week. I’ll do it. Everybody in Bleeding Through will, we’ll take that on.”

Bleeding Through‘s new album “Love Will Kill All” arrived in stores today, May 25th, and can be streamed here.


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