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Chino Moreno Says Deftones Have Around Six Or Seven Songs For Their Next Album


A new interview conducted with Deftones frontman Chino Moreno confirms that the band’s recent photo teases have indeed been from writing sessions for their ninth studio album. got some time in with Moreno, who said of the process [hastily translated from Spanish]:

“There are six or seven songs, which are still mutating. They are very powerful, and I am anxious because, as I told you before, it has been a collaborative process. I think all our albums were postcards of what we were going through at each moment. Either with ‘Adrenaline‘ (1995), we were boys, with ‘White Pony‘, we had matured a little, with ‘Diamond Eyes‘ (2010) or with which we are recording. Everyone has their own feeling, because it belongs to an era. Today we are older guys, I suppose, but we still enjoy making songs with marked riffs, cool melodies and a lot of groove. It is fun.”

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Earlier in the interview Moreno confirmed guitarist Stephen Carpenter, who initially had some issues getting involved with the band’s latest release “Gore“, is fully onboard from the ground up this time around. He said of that [once again translated from Spanish]:

“We really want Stephen to have a strong role on all the albums, but in this case [‘Gore‘] it did not turn out the way we wanted. Most of his problems were not about Deftones, but about personal things. The best part is that now we are writing songs for the new album, and unlike ‘Gore‘, it’s been a joint effort.”

When asked for when we can expect to hear it, Moreno replied that the band are still taking their time writing and seeing where the material takes them with no deadlines set as of yet. You can read more over at

The interview was conducted ahead of Deftonesimpending South American tour with Quicksand opening. Those shows will see Deftones bassist Sergio Vega pulling double duty as he is of course a member of both outfits.

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