All That Remains - This Probably Won't End Well

All That Remains’ Phil Labonte “Applauds” Eagles Of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes For Speaking His Mind On Gun Control Movement


All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte has spoken out regarding the controversial thoughts shared by Eagles Of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes this past weekend. In a series of since-deleted posts, Hughes slammed the youth movement calling for gun control sweeping the United States as “pathetic and disgusting,” among other things.

That movement, frequently described as the ‘Never Again Movement,’ has been calling for increased gun control in the wake of the Parkland, FL high school shooting. Numerous survivors of that deadly shooting have stepped up as the faces of the movement and have been organizing demonstrations, protests and school walkouts.

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Hughes himself survived the Le Bataclan terrorist attacks of November 2015, where the lives of 89 people were lost when armed gunmen stormed an Eagles Of Death Metal concert at the venue in Paris, France and opened fire. Labonte himself is of course a gun rights activist who has certain issues with potential gun rights legislation being passed.

Speaking today via Twitter, Labonte said of Hughes‘ comments:

Labonte himself is a firearms enthusiast and in the past invested in a gun store (Highlander Arms.) In fact, late last week Labonte posted the below video to YouTube outlining the types of firearms he feels people “need.” Among the firearms shown were AR-15s, shotguns and more.

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